Overcoming fear in life, work & entrepreneurship

I was recently interviewed by @jeremyrjensen for his podcast The Adventurepreneur Playbook, and the pod’s OUT, NOW! 👯

We talked #writing, #climbing, the deliciousness of the @beyondmeat burger, my new book on #veganism and a more sustainable future of our world, but most of all, we talked all things fear – from how pervasive it is in our daily lives to practical tips to overcome it.

This is what Jeremy wrote on his website about our interview: “Through the lens of names like Lynn Hill, Steph Davis, Cedric Dumont, Alain Robert and Alex Honnold among many others, Roanne’s mission is to get to the bottom of what makes these seemingly fearless athletes and coaches tick. Spoiler alert, it’s not what you might think. My favorite quote from the convo: ‘If you don’t learn to manage the fear, the fear will manage you’ 👊🏽”

For me, this was one of those conversations where you get so stoked, yet feel so at ease, that you could continue to talk and talk for days. Jeremy felt like an old friend, but at the same time he asked thoughtful and important questions, allowing me to dive deep and share some very concrete tips & tricks that I think are useful for all of us, struggling with uncertainty, anxiety or lack of motivation. You can listen to his pod here, hope you’ll enjoy, xoxox

Author: Roanne van Voorst

Hi, I'm Roanne, I'm a writer, podcaster, public speaker & mentor. Relentlessly Hopeful. I'm also a serial plant killer, owner of a dog named Jax and I climb rocks despite of my extreme vertigo. Nice to meet you, too!