Roanne van Voorst

…is a researcher, writer, journalist, podcast-maker and (Tedx)speaker. Her books have been translated into different languages and are published internationally. As an ‘anthropologist of the future’, her core research focuses on what entails a sustainable, feasible and desirable future of our world. In an era that is characterized by climate changes and fake news, how can we remain hopeful? In times of robotification, what makes us human? What will we eat and think; how will we live, love and make a living in the nearby future? Roanne has conducted research all over the world, from Inuit villages in Greenland to the slums of Jakarta. In 2014, she obtained her PhD (with distinction) at the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR). She has worked as a consultant for the Danish Institute of International Studies (DIIS) on a research project on the future of cities, and is currently affiliated to the International Institute of Social Studies and member of the Dutch Future Society. Her newest book is called Once Upon A Time We Ate Animals (Harper Collins/Podium) and explores a future scenario in which eating animals would no longer be the norm.