Living a creative & Adventurous live. The Couragemakers Podcast.

It was such a joy to be featured in UK’s The Couragemakers Podcast! The amazing Meg Kissack and I had a long, deep conversation about living a creative life. These are some of the topics we discussed:
  • My journey from training as journalist, re-training as an anthropologist and my deep research & writing
  • Debunking the myth of naturally courageous people
  • How courage is something you can learn
  • 3 practical strategies to become more courageous and deal with fear
  • The link between procrastination and fear
  • The importance of having time to rest and refill your creative cup when creativity is your job
  • The importance of energy over hours

You can listen on Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher – or right here, from your desktop:

Author: Roanne van Voorst

Hi, I'm Roanne, I'm a writer, podcaster, public speaker & mentor. Relentlessly Hopeful. I'm also a serial plant killer, owner of a dog named Jax and I climb rocks despite of my extreme vertigo. Nice to meet you, too!