I’ve developed on- and offline trainings to help you in this process. My methods are evidence-based, my work is characterized by practicality and transparancy.

It’d be an honour and a joy to help you in your journey!

I want to start or finish a Big Project!

You want to write a book, make art, set up your own business or work on that creative project that you can’t get out of your head; but you just can’t find the time to do it? You spend too much time procrastinating on social media and get too little things done? You have a dream, but it’s so big and outrageous, you don’t even know where to start? Let me help you. Together, we got this. I’ll be your inspirator, your cheerleader, your dead-honest girlfriend – together we can make this coming year, your most successful year ever.

If you subscribe for One year of Focus and Success, I will teach you exactly how you can become superproductive, without experiencing stress or overwhelm and without having to make even longer days. Instead, you will learn to work intuitively, from flow.

This 12-months support program is unlike any other out there. It combines scientific knowledge about energymanagement and high-performance, with weekly action.

After one year, you’ll have:

– reached your goals for this year
– finally done that thing that is going to take you to the next level
– learned skills on stress-free productivity that will help you live your life, in a way that makes you successful, energized and fulfilled
– become a member of an amazing community of likeminded, inspiring & creative people who are ambitious and crazy-successful, but don’t want to work 80 hours a week. We have a life, you know 😉

I want to overcome my fear!

In 10 weeks from now, you could have overcome your stagefright, fear of heights, fear of driving or shyness.

The Fearlessly Fearful E-course offers a track-proven methodology to overcome your fears, and live a more free and adventurous life. In over 30 lessons, I will teach you concrete, step-by-step strategies to learn to understand and control your fears and insecurities.

And don’t worry, you will not overcome your fears with the pushy, ‘shock’ strategies that you might know from popular selfhelpbooks or selfclaimed experts. You’ve probably already learned that such techniques hardly ever work; sometimes, they make things worse. The Fearlessly Fearful approach is kind but consistent, and most of all it is no bullsh*t. It works.

This 10-week training will provide you with deep understanding of your own insecurities and stress-triggers, so that you can start to get control over your fears, rather than the fears over you. Through video-classes, audio-exercises, text handouts and assignments that you can make from your own home, at the end of this course you will experience less stress and feel and act more courageous. Most importantly, you won’t fear a bit of fear anymore – you can deal with it, whenever it shows up. You’ve become Fearlessly Fearful. You got this, and I’ve got your back.

I want to work 1-on-1 on a personal project with you!

Occasionally I select people for 1-to-1 mentoring or coaching sessions. If you’re interested to work with me, please click on the button below for more information.

Start: Only on appointment, and after selection
Registration: continuously
Costs and length: various
Language: English or Dutch