The Bravery Trajectory

Once or twice a year I select people for a 1-on-1 trajectory.


Occasionally I coach or mentor individual creatives who could use a little support in their work through Skype, E-mail and WhatsApp. (Please note that I have very limited space available for individual trajectories at the moment, so please contact me through below form if you’re interested so that I can consider your application and see if we’re a match made in heaven!)

For who is this a right fit? 

I have worked with writers, working on their first novel; with PH.d’s, struggling with their dissertation; and with creative entrepreneurs setting up their own business. All of them are talented, extremely fun, insecure, and slightly chaotic. In other words: they are awesome to work with.

What can you expect in the Bravery Trajectory?

If you have a project or an idea that you want to work on, but you lack the focus, or the guts to do it all by yourself – I totally feel you. If you’re stuck in a habitual pattern and want to be sure that this time, you will actually take the steps and change your life, and if you want hundred percent personal attention, then this trajectory might be a right fit for you. As an experienced writer, reseracher and entrepreneur, I will help you find focus and strategy for your plan, I will coach you through the fears that come up throughout the creative process – I will even read your texts or check your work and be your friendly (but dead-honest) critic.

We will have strategy calls through Skype, Zoom or the phone; we will also have check-in moments over Email or WhatsApp. You can consider me your new BFF, only be aware: I will hold you accountable when needed 😉 You will receive assignments, audio meditations, work-playlists, concrete tips and advices that are tailored to your goals and needs, so that you can be 100% sure to experience the growth you need to move forward, now. In big steps. For real.


1 hour strategy call: € 250,00 (= € 250,00 per hour)

3 hour-trajectory: € 700,00 (= € 233 per hour)

5 hour trajectory: € 1100,00 (= € 220 per hour)

7 hour trajectory : € 1450,00 (= € 207 per hour)

10 hour trajectory: € 2000 (= € 200 per hour)

All prices are ex VAT – you will receive an invoice that you can use to claim back your taxes from your employer or tax-institution.

Start: Only on appointment and after selection
Registration: continuously
Length: from 1 hour
Costs: on request

Please note that there is currently a waiting list for this program. Are you interested in joining? Please fill in below form, and – in the note field- tell me briefly what is constraining you now, and what you expect to get out of the Bravery Trajectory. If you are selected, I will contact you as soon as possible.

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