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“Three centuries ago, during the Enlightenment, it became illegal to burn witches or kill people because of their religion. Some eight generations ago, slavery was abolished worldwide. Five generations ago, women in the West were given the right to vote and became formally equal to men. You and I live in a similarly turbulent, important and exciting time. We belong to the generation that is going to experience a world in which the use of animal products will have fallen into disrepute.”

Scientists and futurists predict that consuming meat and dairy will be banned or become taboo in the near future. Veganism is one of the last options we have to help humanity prevent climate change; it is also one of the fastest-growing social movements of the 21st century. Veganism is booming. Fast forward to a future in which veganism has become so mainstream that it no longer needs a label: how will we look back on our carnivorous history? How will our children look back on intensive farming, and what will they think of our contribution to it?

Based on scientific research and dozens of interviews with futurists, trend-watchers, lawyers, lobbyists, sociologists, historians, food experts, psychologists, inventors, vegan bodybuilders, influencers and farmers, writer and anthropologist Roanne Van Voorst (Ph.D.) outlines the world of the future. She shows how norms, trends, and cultures in societies will rapidly change and introduces you to a post-cruelty future.

“Much faster than you probably thought possible, we will start eating differently, earn money with new types of professions, engage in different leisure activities and keep different pets. Above all, we will think differently about what is good and what is bad.”


Roanne recently gave a TEDXtalk about this topic. You can check it out on her You Tube Channel.

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