In one year from now, you could have written and published that book.

– without getting stuck, without getting lost and without getting stressed.

Do you have a book idea that’s been swimming around in your head? That story line for a novel that you just know other people would find exciting, if you’d just put it on paper? That hunch about a non-fiction book, or a business book?

But you haven’t written it.

Maybe because you think that you don’t have the discipline, or the time to write.

Maybe because you feel overwhelmed every time you think about all the thousands of manuscripts that never get finalized; all the wannabe-authors, and all the publishing, agency, and printing options that you’ve read about on the internet. Why would you succeed? And who are you to even try to become a writer?

Maybe because you’re afraid that you’re not creative or talented enough to write a book.

If this is you, first of all, let me tell you this: creativity can be developed, your book can become reality, and you can become a writer.


While the initial plan for a book is exciting, it’s easy to lose confidence and zest along the way. Writing a book can be a lonely process, and it can feel as hard work. The longer you are working on a book, the harder it becomes to find the time, and the discipline, and the focus.

But you don’t have to do it alone. I am thrilled to help you. Together, we make this the year in which you will finally write and launch your book.

Who am I?

I’m Roanne and writing is the thing I love most, and do best in this world. I am an awarded writer of six (internationally) published fiction and non-fiction books. I also regularly write academic books and articles, blogs for online media, and featuring articles for magazines and newspapers.

Next to writing, I love helping other people in their writing process. I’m a teacher and mentor for writers all over the world, to help them put their ideas on paper, and finish the writing projects that have been swimming around in their heads for so long.

I don’t believe in 80 hour writingweeks, neither in that image of the tormented, poor writer. I do believe in focus, clarity, strategic work and deep connection with other writers and their agents- the people who know how this world, works.

What do you get in this training?

  • 52 weekly text, audio and video lessons about writing and creativity, as well as writing exercises to keep you on-track and inspired throughout the year
  • Guest lectures of people in the business: successful literary agents, publishers & writing coaches
  • Planners, workbooks, playlists, meditations and other course materials to help you work in joy and flow

Investment: €497,- ex. VAT

Interested in this training?
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