Roanne’s personal story of how she balances work, life, adventure and rest.

“In the Samula Mescher podcast. dr. Roanne Van Voorst, writer of fiction and non-fiction novels and scientist. We talk about how she combines these two loves. How she works part-time as a writer and part-time as a researcher. It is also an honest conversation about how she returned form 1,5 years of fieldwork in the slums of Indonesia on the verge of a burnout. She shares how she managed to recover by working smarter instead of harder. And we talk about the hidden world behind the facade of academia. Where many people keep up the facade of the happy driven academic who is on top of things. But behind this façade is struggling with health and energy, relationships and insecurity. Many parts of this conversation will offer you inspiration and new insights. And it might change your perspective on what it takes to be an excellent academic.”

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Author: Roanne van Voorst

Hi, I'm Roanne, I'm a writer, podcaster, public speaker & mentor. Relentlessly Hopeful. I'm also a serial plant killer, owner of a dog named Jax and I climb rocks despite of my extreme vertigo. Nice to meet you, too!