What’s that thing you’ve been putting off?

It’s time to get it done.

Join me and hundreds of others in a Focus Week! For five days in a row, work on something that you need to do and have been wanting to do for a while, but have found too complex, or annoying, or intimidating. You can work on it for 10 minutes a day, or 10 hours a day – up to you, but we will hold you accountable and there is NO escaping….

At the end of this week, you’ll have done it!

You know why this week is going to be 100% successful? Because of these 3 reasons:

 1. It’s completely do-able. Come on, just one week of focus! It doesn’t need to be some epic project — just something that has been swimming in your head for a while. Administration? Blogposts? Ordening your Emailbox? Laundry?

 2. You will not quit, because we will do this together! You’ll be uplifted by the energy of other people in The Focus Collective, and inspired by their efforts. And we’ll hold each other accountable. YES, WE CAN!

 3. All of that, and you can do this in your Snoopy-pyjamas. We’ll meet online – easypeasy.

What are you waiting for? Fill in your name and your Email and you’re in!