Roanne is a public speaker and inspirator on the themes of fear and courage. Her humorous and inspiring speaking style has been captivating many different audiences, from top-managers on leadership conferences to members of women organisations and university students. Roanne combines a scientific background (she obtained her PhD with honors on risk-coping and dangerous living) with authentic storytelling about her own life and work in the world’s most dangerous environments, and her ongoing, often hilarious experiments for Fearlessly Fearful; where she personally tests new methods to overcome fear. Roanne shows her audience how it is possible to overcome fears and learn to be more brave. She speaks on:

  • Fear versus fearlessness – and does that even exist, a life without fear?
  • The role of fear in different subcultures.
  • Her own experiences of living in dangerous places: from an ice-cold Inuit hunter’s community to the slums of Jakarta to and from the subcultures of extreme athletes, to soldiers, refugees and humanitarians in conflict zones.
  • How to live a life based on what you want, and not on what you dare (or don’t dare)
  • How you can calm yourself down and perform at your best under extremely stressful circumstances
  • Try this at home: the simplest scientifically-proven effective methods to overcome fear
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Roanne customizes every presentation taking into account the audience and the client’s objectives.


“This year Roanne gave a key speech about her research on fear. The largest place in our exhibition hall was packed for her performance, and the audience was thrilled to learn how they can overcome fear with relatively simple methods. After her lecture, Roanne was kept busy with tens of questions from the audience, who wanted to learn even more!”   – Patrick Baars, Marketing and Communicaton manager NKBV.

“Roanne gave a presentation for our Better Future Campus, for senior managers and professionals. Her presentation on the themes of fear and freedom was a great succes. The evening was sold out instantly.” – Michel Barth, managing partner Better Future (Austerlitz; Delhi; New York).
“Around 200 people in the Museon-museum intensely enjoyed Roanne’s stories about her impressive experiences in the slums of Jakarta. She was able to capture every one’s attention because she bases her stories on a huge amount of academic and evidence-based knowledge, and because she is a passionate and engaged speaker. Her topics are refreshing: whether she speaks about her life with Inuit hunters in Greenland or her work with the world’s best extreme athletes, you learn about new, important perspectives. We immediately booked her again!”  – Diederik Veerman, curator Museon.

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