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I don’t do newsletters, because I believe most of us are busy enough without yet another ramble in our inbox, right? (Also, newsletters are boring. Just sayin’.)

Instead, I occasionally send out handwritten letters and audiomessages to my inner circle. They’re short, raw, honest, and always created from the heart. I typically share reflections about the book that I’m working on, about living a creative life, about dealing with uncertainty in your work or life, and about pushing though those fears in order to do what you were made to do.

Curious? Here is a recent example!

If you want to listen to me, thinking out loud and sharing with you what I get to learn in this life, just fill in the form on the bottom of this page. 

And there is more! 

Do you have a project or a goal that you would like to achieve, but feel overwhelmed, get lost in procrastination, or feel stuck and exhausted? Then #thefocuscollective is right up your alley. I’m hosting a FREE online group for creatives, enterpreneurs, busy moms and other ambitious people, who don’t believe in 80-hours workweeks, but who do believe in focus and concentration. I share my best antiprocrastination tips with you, and offer support and a structure to help you get your things done. Find us here: