What is Roanne’s educational and professional background?

She obtained a PHD (with honors) in the anthropology of risk in 2014, and has been working on the themes of risk, courage and dangerous living since 2008. She is currently affiliated to the International Institute of Social Studies. She has also obtained diplomas in coaching and mentoring skills at TOP, Erasmus University/Boertien Vergauwen Overduin and through the Humanitarian Leadership Academy.

Is this course suited for my weird fear?

It probably is and most likely your fear isn’t as freaky as you think. This course will teach you to deal with all kinds of insecurities, you will be able to handle general fears (mulling or being constantly worried about certain aspects of your life) and with concrete fears: fear of heights or depths for instance, or fear of spiders, cats, dogs, caterpillars, large groups, large groups of caterpillars, fear of driving, fear of flying, fear of trains, fear of public speaking, fear of silences, fear of failure, fear of falling. For all these fears – and many more – there are practical tools to control and temper them, so that you can lead a more calm, more focused and more free life.

This course is not suited for people with severe fear disorders. If you find your fear seriously impairs your daily life, you should deal with it seriously with a professional counsellor. Give yourself that. Make an appointment with your GP and let yourself be referred to the mental health care authorities. It will make your life better and especially more free.
But most people who deal with moments of fear and insecurity don’t need professional help. They can do much more than they ever dared to dream, by gaining more insight into their fears and the convictions supporting them and by training their fear muscle using practical tools (yes, that’s right, a fear muscle. You have one! It might still be so weak you don’t feel it, but you watch, by the end of the course you’ll be feeling muscles you didn’t even know you had!).

Does Roanne sometimes get scared too?

Of course! Roanne had studied the theme of fear for over seven years, but just like everyone else she runs into new fears and insecurities in her life all the time. Except she knows – and most people don’t – how to control them, so that she can lead the life she wants to. She is Fearlessly Fearful. And because in this course she shares both her personal fear lessons and that of the fear experts from her research, you get the best of both worlds.

Yeah but… I’m really much more afraid than other people I know!

Then this e-course is PERFECT for you! You don’t need to be an unshakable thrill seeker to follow this course. The only thing you ‘have to’, is have the desire to overcome your fears and insecurities. Afterwards you get started in your own home, with no prying eyes to compare yourself with, and you do so at your own pace. And don’t forget: there are no ‘scared’ or ‘brave’ people. Only people who know how to do what they want to do despite their fears and people who don’t know (yet!).

Yeah but… I don’t want to be forced to do things I’m afraid to do!

You won’t be. In fact, this course will teach you that in fearful situations pushing or forcing will almost always have the opposite effect. So we’re not going to do that. What we are going to do is work on your fear in a safe and gradual manner. You will learn to control your fear in a way that is not only easy to understand, but fun to do. Promise. Also: YOU decide what fears you want to work on based on the personal fear/desire analysis. Roanne will guide you, do cheerleader moves on the sidelines and will give you the occasional shout of encouragement, but you decide. Always.

Yeah but… Aren’t we doing dangerous things?

No. First we make a safety analysis of all your desires, that helps us determine which fears can be safely conquered. Rational fears for physical threats, like being afraid to jump out of a plane without a parachute are not a part of that: those fears exist for a good reason. But a lot of fears aren’t rational: people that are afraid of heights for instance are also afraid of standing in a safe high place. And people with a fear of public speaking are afraid of giving a speech, even though of course they know they won’t suffer any permanent physical damage. These are the understandable, yet highly impractical fears we will be working with. There’s nothing dangerous about it, all it is is very liberating.

Yeah but… I’m far too busy for a course!

Being busy is no problem. This course is there to help you, not put further pressure on you. That’s why you can take the lessons when it suits you, at a pace that fits your life. If halfway through you need to postpone a lesson, that’s okay. If you need a week or even a month to think about a mini-exercise, that’s okay too. If you need Roanne to then put you on the right track by using her most stern looking face to remind you of the course, we’ll make it happen. The only thing you shouldn’t do is deny yourself this course because you’re letting you’re want-to’s get in the way of your must-do’s. But uh, and I’m just spit-balling here, is it possible you’re using your schedule as an excuse, because you’re anxious about all this?

Okay… How much time will this course take a week?

That depends. There are 5 modules in the course, each with 5 lessons. Most people take 5 weeks for this course. You can work through all the material in one go or leave a few reading and listening resources for later. You can listen to the exercises and think them through while you’re cycling to work or folding the laundry and jot them down in your diary before you go to sleep. Or you can spend a half-day a week really working on it. On average you should expect to spend at least 2 hours a week actively reading, thinking, writing and exercising. But more is better!

Yeah but… I don’t have the money for the course!

The course is indeed an investment. And I can totally understand you’re scared to make that investment. But if you compare the price of this course to what you’re currently spending on your fear in measures of time, energy, self-doubt and money, it’s actually not a huge investment at all. Therapy sessions, relaxing massages, yoga lessons, self help books and especially that constant nagging feeling of wanting more but being afraid, cost way more, right? Additionally this course teaches you methods you can use for the rest of your life, for all the challenges that lay ahead. Imagine, after you’ve gifted yourself this course, you’ll dare to live the life you want to live, including all the exciting things you now dream of so often, with more confidence and fun, and less stress. That is worth the investment!

I don’t want to share anything with other people, so what should I do with that Facebook group that part of the course?

Absolutely nothing. The closed Facebook group is for course participants who enjoy sharing experiences and exercises with each other. That can offer a lot of support, especially if you’re just starting to actively deal with your fear. Additionally Roanne can be found there regularly and can offer you an insight into her own fear projects. But if you don’t need any of that, that’s totally okay. This course is for you and you should take it in the way that fits you.

Do I need anything special in order to take the course?

A computer or phone to look at the lessons on, a notepad to do the exercises in and a scared, yet Brave Heart. That’s all, folks!

Can I read your terms and conditions, and the privacy policy?

Yes, we encourage you to do so. The terms are to be found right here. The Privacy Policy is written out for you here.

Yeah but… What if it doesn’t work?

Yeah but… What if it DOES work? What will your life look like when you dare to do what you want to do, when you worry less and don’t less and just do, and when you – later as a shrivelled old crone- look back on your life with pride, because you dared to do the things you never thought were possible?

I am interested in the supported course, but I have another question!
Let’s have a chat! Please email me at info@roannevanvoorst.com and I’m happy to call or Email you back and answer all the questions you may have.