Overcome your fears in work – and create fearlessly

Fear researcher, author, and productivity expert, Roanne Van Voorst, used to be an overworked academic scared of dogs, flying, public speaking, risk-taking, and heights. Then Roanne started putting her research into action.

Now she works four hour days but produces more than ever. She’s written six books in the last six years, including Fear! Extreme athletes on how to reach your highest goals and overcome stress and self-doubt. She’s created two in-depth online training programs, coaches clients privately, and she flies around the world speaking publicly. In her off time, she climbs mountains. And she has a dog.

Fear is something all human beings struggle with but especially entrepreneurs and makers because putting something out there that you’ve made yourself and then taking financial risks or saying out loud that you are going to do something but you have no way of knowing if you are going to succeed, that is scary.”

Often times we are waiting on someone or some voice that says, ‘You’re good enough already,’ or ‘You have my permission.’ It starts with giving yourself permission.”


  • The two things you need to know about fear
  • Roanne’s personal system for getting more done in less time – without sacrificing rest or renewal
  • A step-by-step process for overcoming almost any fear and
  • How to live a more courageous life

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Author: Roanne van Voorst

Hi, I'm Roanne, I'm a writer, podcaster, public speaker & mentor. Relentlessly Hopeful. I'm also a serial plant killer, owner of a dog named Jax and I climb rocks despite of my extreme vertigo. Nice to meet you, too!