Fear! Extreme athletes on how to reach your highest goals and overcome stress and self doubt

“Fear! breaks down what it takes to become successful under highly stressful circumstances: mental and physical practice, balancing risk versus outcomes and push way beyond your limits.”

–Tommy Caldwell, legendary rock climber and author of The Push.

This book features interviews with the world’s best extreme athletes and their coaches on how to overcome fear and self-doubt in stressful situations. Their lessons are valuable for people with all sorts of common fears: flying, public speaking, heights, failure, commitment, rejection, driving a car, taking financial risks or changing career. From self-hypnosis to visualization to rational analyses – the interviewees tested the most effective strategies to overcome anxiety, and share their formula for success in this book.


  • Alex Honnold
  • Steph Davis
  • Lynn Hill
  • Catherine Destivelle
  • ‘Spiderman’ Alain Robert
  • Hazel Findlay
  • Arno Ilgner
  • Jorg Verhoeven
  • Dan Goodwin
  • Don McGrath
  • Cedric Dumont
  • Edurne Pasaban
  • Alexander Schulz
  • Rebecca Williams
  • Martin Fickweiler

“I Love this book! Must-buy if you want to improve your climbing.”

–Don McGrath, elite climb coach & author of ‘Vertical Mind’.


“Climbing is a great metaphor for life. It teaches you both great successes and the lowest lows. In Fear!, some of the worlds’ best climbers reflect on what success is worth – and how it can be accomplished.”

–Steve House, alpinist, founder of Uphill Athlete.


“Despite the obvious physical demands, climbing is even more a rigorous and challenging mental endeavor―after all, the hands and feet are simply an extension of a climber’s thoughts and will. In her fascinating book, FEAR!, Roanne van Voorst explores the highly distinct thought processes and belief systems of some of the world’s top climbers. FEAR! Is a uniquely compelling, inspiring, and enlightening read from which you can glean useful mental techniques and strategies for overcoming many of life’s challenges and summiting your personal “Everest”.”

–Eric Hörst, author of the international best-seller Training For Climbing

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