Her books and articles have been translated into different languages and are published internationally.

Strengthening community resilience in (future) conflict: learnings from the Partners for Resilience programme.

(Working paper, with D. Hilhorst, M. Vervest, S. Melis, I. Desportes and R. Mena)

When Disaster meets Conflict. A future-scenario based approach to the politics of disaster governance in conflict settings.

(Research Brief, with D. Hilhorst, S. Melis, I. Desportes and R. Mena)

Gevormd door liefde

(Dutch article on the newest academic insights on attachmentstyles in relationships, in Psychologie Magazine)

Visueel vreemdgaan – de invloed van technologie op de liefde

Hoofdstuk in boek 'Radicaal potentieel van “niet-normatieve” relaties in Vlaanderen en Nederland', Katrien De Graeve en Rahil Roodsaz (reds.) 2021, uitgeverij Boom.

Claiming Space in Jakarta: Megaprojects, future City Planning and Incrementalism

2018. With J.Hellman. Chapter in 'J Hellman, M Thynell & R van Voorst (Eds.), Jakarta. Claiming spaces and rights in the city (pp. 157-172)'. London: Routledge

Key Points of Interactive Research: An Ethnographic Approach to Risk

2018. With D. Hilhorst. Chapter in 'A. Olofsson & J.O. Zinn (Eds.), Researching Risk and Uncertainty. Methodologies, Methods and Research Strategies (Critical Studies in Risk and Uncertainty)'Cham: Palgrave Macmillan

With B. Wisner, J. Hellman & G. Nooteboom (2015). Introduction to the ‘risky everyday’

Editorial in Disaster Prevention and Management

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